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How Life Coaching Can Help You

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Do you feel trapped? Are you living a life that’s not really yours? A life that was created for you by your family, society, culture or religion?

Do you feel held back personally and professionally by your culture or religion?

Do you regularly fall into a pattern of people-pleasing and end up living with constant anxiety and fear?

Have you done any of the following just to please others?

  • Followed a career path that you didn’t really want?
  • Dressed or acted in a certain way?
  • Married someone or got into a relationship with someone you didn’t truly love?
  • Lived a lie by holding back who you truly want to be?

Are you looking for a way to set yourself free?

I believe that our religious and spiritual beliefs, including our heritage and culture, are beautiful parts of our lives that shape us and contribute to our identity.

But living in a Western society can mean that we sometimes face challenges in upholding our beliefs and values, especially for women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Living The Life You Always Wanted

Life coaching helps you to live your truest, most fulfilled life on your terms in the here and now.

It’s a privilege for me to be a Self-Discovery Life Coach. I am here to listen and help you reach your life goals.

You’ll be given space to navigate and embrace positive change in your life, free to express yourself, learn about yourself and get to know your true self.

During your one-to-one coaching sessions with me, we will co-create a life path for you where you will learn and grow until a truly confident version of yourself shines through.

This leads to more clarity and creativity so that you can live the life you’ve been seeking all along. The life you were meant to live.

I am here to help you dismantle any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from fulfilling your dreams.

It may be that your confidence has been knocked, you keep procrastinating or you feel exhausted by your constant people-pleasing tendencies.

I can also help you to change your mindset and improve your health and well-being so you feel full of energy and vitality.

You will leave your sessions with a sense of achievement, happiness and a smile on your face.

Areas I can help with



Your identity

Limiting beliefs

People pleasing


Health and Wellbeing

Low self-esteem and confidence

Navigating family and societal pressures

Overcoming cultural or religious limitations

Goal Setting

Understanding your spirituality

Whatever your concern may be, contact me for a FREE 30 minute discovery call to hear how I can best help you.

  • Sara

    Coaching with Ama has been a delightful experience. Ama’s guidance has been instrumental in helping me gain unparalleled clarity on the steps I need to take to curate the life I’ve always envisioned for myself. Her strategic approach to goal-setting and her knack for breaking down complex challenges into manageable steps have empowered me to overcome obstacles and make significant progress towards my dreams. With her unwavering support, I’ve been able to set clear objectives and develop a concrete plan of action that feels both achievable and exciting. Ama also helped me highlight some of my key strengths which was paramount in helping me recognise my unique qualities, skills, and talents, enabling me to leverage them effectively to achieve the goals I’ve always wanted to achieve. Her dedication to my growth has extended beyond our coaching sessions, as she has provided me with resources and homework tailored to my needs which I will forever be grateful for. Thank you Ama!

  • Adeola

    Talking to Ama felt so natural and easy due to her calm, friendly and pleasant nature. I felt I could trust her that it was not hard to open up to her about my goals, aspirations and limiting beliefs. Guess what Ama listens!

  • Zeenat

    Talking to Ama was like a breath of fresh air. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders from the first session. Thank you for your support, guidance and kindness Ama.

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